Friday, May 29, 2009

Thankyou from jaycee

To all of you who have joined my blog - thankyou!
I hope you all enjoy making 'Starflower'


  1. Hi Jaycee, got your comment on my blog about needing my email for the pattern. You've actually sent it to me. I'm elahnah on the bead list. Thanks!! I will definitely make that bracelet.

  2. Jaycee, you are so talented! I am new to your site and can't wait to begin making some of your fancy pearl bracelets. Now if Shipwreck beads would just get their 4x6 mm oval pearl beads in stock. Do you know of any other supplier for the ovals in white and off-white.

    Sincerely, Ashlyn Mae

  3. Hi Ashlyn
    I wish shipwreck would restock soon too! Artbeads also sells them, but they are also out of stock now. I believe these oval pearls can also be found at landofodds and you can also use freshwater rice pearls in the 6x4mm size.