Sunday, January 6, 2013

Please do not steal

Hello my friends
I received an email from someone who noticed that my Inca sun pattern has been put up on a Russian site (I think it is Russian). If any of you speak Russian please see if you can post a comment to get it removed. I have tried and cannot post. The person who posted the pattern has stolen it and even removed my name and website. It took me many many hours to make that pattern and now my income from it has been stolen. I would appreciate any help to get it removed.
Thank you


  1. This is so awful, I tried to post a comment but it wouldn't let me, I hope some one can help

  2. Hi, I went into her site and tried to leave a comment but could not get past the "security" block. What nerve! Sorry this happened to you. I love the patterns that I have purchased from you and I know many others enjoy theirs also. Keep up the good work. Hoping for better days ahead.

  3. That has to be so infuriating - I wish I could help. I hope the thief gets pressure to remove your creation from her site.

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you! What the heck is wrong with people?

  5. Oh Jaycee, so many designers are on those sites- there have been a flurry of posts on Facebook about it. AND the Russian sites carry lots of viruses, so beware even being on there!

  6. I tried to post a comment as well, but was unsuccessful. A couple of people have posted to her site that you are the designer and that they should come to your site to purchase the pattern.

    1. Hello, I speack Russian -besides beading - I went to this Russian site and I saw that 2 anonymous persons left a message saying : "you could at least leave a link towards Jacee's blog (this one), but better not publish patterns made by others". The second anonymous person writes "The author, Jaysee, saw that you published her pattern and she is very vexed with this." Shame that there is no reaction from this Russian blogger.

  7. Thank you all for trying to help. I appreciate your efforts

  8. Sorry Juanita,
    that is horrible, I can't stand people like that..... I hope you can get it fixed! I miss you I would you will get all settled son!
    take care!