Friday, September 6, 2013

Svetlana McDaniel
Designers beware - this person will take your photos of jewelry you have created, "figure out"
how to make the piece of jewelry, then make a video of how to do it and claim the design as her own work.
When you ask her to take the video down, she will say that she has not purchased, sold or distributed your tutorial, therefore she can do what ever she wants with the video.
She has no idea of what copyright means.
She has copied at least 5 of my designs and posted the videos on youtube, thereby denying me
the income i could have received from sales.
Please check out her videos and make sure she is not doing this to you.
Thieves make my heart sore and i am saddened that some people cannot think up and create their own work so they have to steal from others.


  1. As someone who has purchased several of your tutorials and enjoy your designs, I am also disheartened that you are experiencing this issue. I too design jewelry but I am hesitant to make tutorials because once you expose your tutorial to the public, someone will always try to take what you have worked so hard to create.

    I wish people could understand how hard it is to design and then to actually write a tutorial. However, I am confident that your method of teaching will beat out a youtube video. Not to mention, while there are some who do not respect the intellectual property of others, there are also many, like myself, who take pride in supporting jewelry designers and also take pride in being honest and respect the integrity of a business.

    Do not stress too much, hopefully she will have a change of heart. You are talented and really, a knock off will always pale in comparison to the real deal.

    Take Care

  2. Thank you for your insight Dee, you have cheered me up

  3. She's really busy deleting comments now...

  4. Thank you - lol. She doesn't care, she told me she can do whatever she likes.

  5. I have also purchased your lovely tutorials. I went to the youtube channel and liked and then shared it on Face Book and wrote for everyone to goto your web site to get info. I still think you also need to make a business FB page for your work and get this out there so we can all share. It is happening more and more. A wire artist Nicole Hanna just had a girl selling her tutorials on her site and pocketing the money. Good luck and so sorry this is happening.

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you for this. What is your facebook page called. I do have a facebook page under jayceepatterns and have posted a link to this blog post there.