Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ocean pearl necklace

This lovely nautical necklace is also done in embellished right angle weave, similar to the bracelet in my last post, but constructed differently.
This pattern not only has detailed instructions for the ocean pearl necklace, but also has diagrams and instructions to make the Blush pearl necklace. The pattern is available here:

Ocean pearl bracelet

This lovely bracelet is done in embellished right angle weave with 6mm pearls, 3mm pearls, 15/o seed beads and 3mm crystals. I have also shown a color variation in tangerine and chocolate 6mm pearls.
This pattern is available here

Indian Summer

This picture was sent to me by Massiel Pimental - her bracelet turned out gorgeous!
You can see more of Massiels lovely bead work here

Friday, July 15, 2011

Inca Sun bracelet

These lovely bracelets were constructed in netting stitch. The top
one is done with 15/o seed beads in gold with 3mm pearls and druks.
The silver bracelet is done in 15/o silver seed beads with 2 shades
of 3mm pearls and 3mm crystals.
The pattern will be available at in a couple of

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pearl filigree necklace

This picture was sent to me by Pat Stone.
She added a few more motifs and joined them differently to
the pattern - it's beautiful, don't you think?
Perles and co (France)are stocking the gorgeous oval pearls and
will have some more beautiful colors in store September/
October. They also have many other beautiful beads in store.
In the USA, is also stocking the
olive pearls and Linda has more on order.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gondola bracelet

These gorgeous bracelets are done in embellished netting stitch.
There are two variations of this bracelet.
One is done with oval pearls and one is done
with fire polished ovals.
The 4 x 6mm oval pearls are available 
This pattern will be available at