Friday, September 6, 2013

Svetlana McDaniel
Designers beware - this person will take your photos of jewelry you have created, "figure out"
how to make the piece of jewelry, then make a video of how to do it and claim the design as her own work.
When you ask her to take the video down, she will say that she has not purchased, sold or distributed your tutorial, therefore she can do what ever she wants with the video.
She has no idea of what copyright means.
She has copied at least 5 of my designs and posted the videos on youtube, thereby denying me
the income i could have received from sales.
Please check out her videos and make sure she is not doing this to you.
Thieves make my heart sore and i am saddened that some people cannot think up and create their own work so they have to steal from others.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Crystal Star Bracelet

This lovely bracelet was so much fun to make.
It is the first time I am using Duo beads and
the design possibilities are endless.
I also used 3mm and 4mm crystal bicones
with 11/o and 15/o seed beads.
The pattern is now available at

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crystal fire necklace

I made this beautiful necklace to match
the crystal fire bracelet.
I used modified triangle weave, netting
stitch and spiral stitch for the necklace rope.
The beautiful clasp comes from
The materials for this necklace are 
4mm rosewater opal ABx2 crystals, 
11/o permanent rose seed beads,
2mm pearls which are available at and 
15/o seed beads from
This pattern is now for sale on my
website at

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crystal Fire bracelet

This beautiful crystal bracelet is done in
embellished right angle weave with netting
stitch. I used 4mm crystals, 11/o and
15/o seed beads with 2mm pearls
or metal beads. You could use 11/o seed
beads instead.
Pattern available at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pearl cuff

This lovely cuff is constructed using embellished
right angle weave.
I used 4mm and 6mm pearls, 11/o and 15/o seed beads
and 3mm crystals or fire polished rounds
This pattern is available now at

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Please do not steal

Hello my friends
I received an email from someone who noticed that my Inca sun pattern has been put up on a Russian site (I think it is Russian). If any of you speak Russian please see if you can post a comment to get it removed. I have tried and cannot post. The person who posted the pattern has stolen it and even removed my name and website. It took me many many hours to make that pattern and now my income from it has been stolen. I would appreciate any help to get it removed.
Thank you